Week Off: Weak One

One darn week of vacation and I’m huffing and puffing like a day one!  I spent a week in North Carolina celebrating my little sister’s milestone birthday (yeah!) which happened to be on Mother’s Day so it was an extra special visit. Lots of family time and lots of food. (Did I mention my Mother is one East Coast Sicilian who can cook) – yeah, she looks terrific. Here is my Mom mixing the salad at my sister’s Birthday party (and Mother’s Day).


My Mom mixing the salad. She is in terrific shape!

And then I did some of this while away:


Lounging Poolside

My brother-in-law lost 75 lbs since I’ve last seen him and he looks younger and happier than ever. When pushed on his secret, he laughed and said “sleep.”  He goes to bed at 8:30 pm every night and gets up really early for work – and I did notice he eats lots of watermelon.  Do men simply lose weight easier than women?

Back at the gym this week with my fellow, personal trainer Adam, who helped me get back on track.  It felt great being back at Anytime Fitness and seeing some of the hardworking regulars. I like how it feels to be a part of this intimate space. It’s a small club and it feels really safe, if that makes sense.



Deb and Adam

I am so determined to feel better I actually did an extra 25 minutes on the bicycle today AFTER a full workout with Adam who pushed me pretty darn hard with upper body strength today. I will stay with this but please, can I lose a little too?  (Lasagna, sausage and Calabash Style seafood did NOT help over vacation but I’m back to brown rice and skinless chicken).

If the weather is decent here in Minneapolis this weekend, I’ll be painting the deck and mowing the lawn. That has to count for something too? Right?



About Balzer's Journey

At age 52, I was prompted to start the journey to better health. It's not my cup of tea but neither is tea. I like food, wine, coffee and all the fun stuff but it's caught up to me. I buried my Dad when he was only 52. I want many more years ahead so I've found a personal trainer to kick my chubby butt. Thanks for reading and I'd love to hear your stories!
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4 Responses to Week Off: Weak One

  1. stacy balzer says:

    I’m so proud of you sis! And of Peter, too! I’ve been super slashing with working out because I have been working soooo much (excuses excuses, I know!) But Josef bought me new sneaks for my birthday and they are cutting back on overtime so I am planning on hitting the gym lots from now on. Back to making this a priority! I haven’t weighed myself in a week, but 13 pounds gone and fitting into pants I haven’t worn in 2 years is sure one heck of a motivator! Love you!

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  2. Tim Creagan says:

    Deb- Do you want to meet at Anytime Fitness tomorrow and tear up the treadmills for 30 min.?

    Liked by 1 person

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